Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now I know...

I couldn't see the 'magic' in this quote before (If I'm not mistaken, this is not a hadith, but a quote from one of the four Imam. I'll check later)

'Ajaib sungguh hidup orang yang beriman. Bila diberi nikmat, dia syukuri. Bila diuji, dia redha.'
I really thought that this quote was a plain one. It didn't 'strike' me like other quotes. But from time to time, this question lingered in my mind 'It can't possibly that trivial. If this came from one of the Imam, it must have great meaning and yet, what is it???'
But Allah, the All-Knower, the Most Hearer listened to my silent whisper.
My question is answered when:
1- I was jealous of something.
2- I was in some difficulties and problems.
3- I got what I wanted and prayed for.
I was trying to ease my jealousy and problems. That's when the quote came to my mind.
I was so happy when I got what I wanted and prayed for, and yet I didn't think I deserved them. That's when the quote appeared in my mind again.

The 'magic' is when, \one could live one's life without worry too much, and accept things when they come. I love to questions things; why is this happening to me? when will this end? will i...what if etc etc?. This is so stressful! I realize, I was NOT HAPPY and I was sad when I saw how happy people are. I wasn't jealous, but I wanted to be happy like them.

The answer for a happy life is to always be grateful and redha for everything that has been destined in our life and to believe that Allah is never doing things for nothing. It is in His knowledge whatever that has been bestowed upon us.

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